Saturday, December 29, 2007

Joseph Chen's Flight Demo in Taiwan in 2004 - Taiwanese ROC AirForce Fighters Takeoff/Land on National Highway!

This is older news but I wanted to add this clip because it's a big deal! Because it's Chen related of course. Joseph (Chen Jien-Liang) was one of only 4 fighters who flew Mirage 2000 fighter jets during a Flight Demo in Taiwan in 2004. Here's the YouTube Video of him in his jet - he's in the 2nd jet #2054. In more recent news, Joseph has just be promoted to Major Jien-Liang Chen. Congrats!!!!

On 2004-07-21, two Mirage 2000-5s from the 2nd TFW landed on the wartime reserve runway located at the Jenteh section of Highway No. 1 as part of the annual Han Kuang No. 20 Exercise. Mirage 2000-5DI 2051, piloted by Maj. Wei-Kuang Chang and Lt. Col. Juei-Chi Duan, and 2054, piloted by Lt. Col. Bin-Fu Wu and Capt. Jien-Liang Chen, took off from their home base Hsinchu Air Base at 0540 hrs. 2051 landed on the highway at 0620 hrs, followed by 2054 at 0622 hrs. The two jets then taxied to the other end of the reserve runway to be refueled and re-armed with two Magic air-to-air missiles, respectively. At 0712 hrs, 2051 took off again and 2054 followed one minute later. Both landed at Hsinchu at 0736 hrs.

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