Sunday, November 25, 2007


here are some pics from our thanksgiving. my mom has more, but you get the idea.

Here is ed making two pan gravys, although both were delicious. the second is our table minus the stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, and the pad thai. What is out there is the turkey, green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts, shrimp cocktail. The third pic is ed carving our turkey. For the first time we brined the turkey over night and it ended up being better than usual. I highly recommend for anyone.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Numsuwans!

Grandpa's youngest sister is Wanpen Numsuwan.Year's ago, Grandpa helped to support her through college. Wanpen's family lives in New Jersey. Her husband's name is Van-Chai. Wanpen has two sons: the oldest is Ed, a doctor who married earlier this year. The younger son is Alan who lives in New York. Grandpa's wish is for all of us to stay close to each other. This link will take you to their family photo album. Please take a look. -Kai-Chi *Jessica* The Numsuwans

Giving Thanks

Here we are giving thanks to our family on Thanksgiving Day 2007.

One Love

An End is always a New Beginning...Welcome to: Chen Family in the U.S.

Today is Fri. November 23rd, 2007 - since my cousins in Taiwan already launched a CHEN FAMILY blog in Chinese, we thought we would launch one in English as well that would be more user friendly to my Thai relatives in NYC and New Jersey since they don't read Chinese - it'll allow us in California to upload faster and to show pictures faster to our family and friends. This whole family blogging fever began after the passing of our grandfather, Chen Yen Hwa, 49 days ago. Through his sad ending, a new beginning was also born as our entire family came together to celebrate his life and to continue making him happy and proud by bridging all of our generations together as he would have requested. This blog celebrates him - Chen Yen Hwa, the life he lived and the love he shared for his wife, 3 sons, 4 daughters, 14 grandchildren, his 10+ siblings, extended family and friends. Gon-gon, we miss you.

To The Chen Family, far and near: To bridge our Chen love and Chen family from this generation onward, I hope everyone can update and visit often to see how everyone is doing everywhere around the world. The link to our original Chen Family Blog in Chinese is here:

The U.S. Chen's include:
(Grandkid Kat, Grandkid Jessica, Son Thomas, Daughter-in-Law Christine, Grandkid Robert, Grandkid Patricia)

And Grandpa's Little Sister's Family in New Jersey:
(Grandpa's Sister Wanpen Numsuwan, her Son Alan, her Son Ed, her husband Van Chai Numsuwan)

Handsome Grandpa Chen Yen-Hwa: