Saturday, December 20, 2008

Taipei 2008

Kat and I are in Taipei celebrating Xmas and New Year's. Here is a quick video of this morning - I went to the open market with Grandma and Dad to buy groceries. Our morning started at 7am with a walk at Taipei's "Central Park", breakfast at Mos Burger (Gram's loves the Corn Soup!), and then a walk to the neighborhood open market. Enjoy this video. I will translate.

Me: Where did you go today?
Grams and Dad: We went to buy groceries!
Me: Where did you go buy groceries?
Grams and Dad: The market!
Me: What market?
Grams and Dad: Dong Men Market!
Me: What treasures did you buy?
Grams: We bought every type of treasure!

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