Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chen Family Photos with Grandma, November 2007

In no way is this below slideshow suppose to be a downer, but instead, a celebration of the(far too few) moments we as a family have together. i.e. Desperately trying to get Grandma to smile and show teeth in photos even though she says she's too shy and embarassed to show teeth, saying "YAY!" and throwing the "peace" signs in pictures because that's what Asians love to do, making Grandma laugh at all hours of the day, seeing how happy Grandma is knowing she has 14 grandkids to brag about to everyone she meets, but most importantly, seeing the huge family Grandma help foster over the past 55+ years through her 5 kids, 14 grandkids + extended family. Did we mention, Grandma LOVES to laminate family pictures and post them up in her living room for everyone to see?

Watching the slideshow....again and again, makes us want to laugh, smile, re-live some of those moments, makes us thankful for each other, and makes us love and feel loved in our huge tribe. The opening pictures is about 30 of the family members at dinner - about 4-5 people are missing - but the size of the family alone shows our strength and solidarity. Who wants to be Chen related?!?! Say, "YAY!!!" =)

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